Rising Star Border Collies

Charles River Dog Training Club

OBEDIENCE: Rally Advanced B
JUDGE: Mr. H. Edward Whitney (30 ent)
Score # Name
99.0 96 LEGACYS PEQUENO OSO ROJO CD RAE. DN 06086401. 11-21-03
By Ch Legacys Gone With The Wind - Legacys Slice Of Spice. Australian Shepherds.
Owner: Donald R Johnson & Suzanne T Ritter., Acushnet, MA 027432209. Breeder: Suzanne T Ritter.
90.0 103 LOVEPATS CAN'T YOU HEAR MY HEART BEAT CD RE. TR 66193501. 07-01-07
By Ricky Moniz - LovePats Abbra-KaDabra. Pomeranians.
Owner: Helen Fonteneau., New Bedford, MA 02745. Breeder: Helen Fonteneau.
84.0 104 CH BACKOFTHEMOON BOURE FANTASQUE RN. NP 13404404. 04-17-06
By Ch Fancibul's Mr Otis Buckwheat - Ch Fancibul's Conquistadora CDX RA. French Bulldogs.
Owner: Bronwyn H Bresnahan., North Eastham, MA 026511613. Breeder: Bronwyn H Bresnahan.
80.0 105 SANDWYNN'S ALPINE WICHCRAFT RN. DN 16031101. 10-18-06
By Ch Wynstar's Tuscarora Shaman - Sandwyn's Chloe Girl. Pembroke Welsh Corgis.
Owner: Patty Palmer & Diane Ellis Manocchia., York, ME 039091321. Breeder: Diane Ellis-Manocchia & Katherine Bell.
98.0 107 MY SWEET HOPPIN' HOLLY CDX RAE3. DL 91119301. 12-27-01
By Crestwood Tug On My Heartstrings - Crestwood You Tarry In My Heart. Shetland Sheepdogs.
Owner: Betsy Webster., Dover Plains, NY 12522. Breeder: Cindy L Salomon.
87.0 108 CLOVAR'S AUTUMN BREEZE. DN 09038703. 10-08-04
By Ch Carmylie Tidal Wave - Carletta's Miss Penney. Shetland Sheepdogs.
Owner: Mary J Clothier., Gansevoort, NY 128312149. Breeder: Mary J Clothier.
97.0 109 CH FOLKLORE'S FREE SPIRIT CD RN OA OAJ. RN 00554601. 04-19-02
By Ch Ben Kelev's Good Time Charlie - Folklore's Fleur de Lis NAP NJP RN. Norfolk Terriers.
Owner: Sheila Foran., Glastonbury, CT 06033. Breeder: Sheila Foran.
97.0 110 CARRY-ON TWISBY CDX RE OA OAJ. SN 89926302. 11-24-01
By Ancram's Malcolm - Carry-On Tarragon CD TD. Spaniels (English Cocker).
Owner: Emily McDermott., Amherst, MA 010023448. Breeder: Louise Shattuck.
96.0 112 TEDDY CD RN. ILP100510. 06-06-99
Owner: Karen M Jones., Glenmont, NY 120774402. Breeder: .
100.0 114 CH FANCIBUL'S CONQUISTADORA CDX RE. NM 93473504. 06-13-02
By Gradon's Coeur D'Merit - Fancibul Limited Edition. French Bulldogs.
Owner: Bronwyn H Bresnahan., North Eastham, MA 026511613. Breeder: Karen Fore.
97.0 115 AB-EL'S LI'L DELTA DAWN RE. NP 03513201. 06-27-03
By Ch Lakewinds Shiver Me Timbers - Ab-el's Li'L Melodie Damour. Bulldogs.
Owner: Sandy & Bob Montuori., Wolcott, CT 06716. Breeder: Sandy & Bob Montuori.
85.0 116 CH BACKOFTHEMOON'S CONQUISTADOR RN. NP 13404403. 04-17-06
By Ch Fancibul's Mr Otis Buckwheat - Ch Fancibul's Conquistadora CDX RA. French Bulldogs.
Owner: Bronwyn H Bresnahan., North Eastham, MA 026511613. Breeder: Bronwyn H Bresnahan.
95.0 117 CARLA DA CASA DE MAIO RA. HP 28369901. 01-04-07
By Umbigo De Viamonte - Flor Amarela Do Vale Do Cutileiro. Portuguese Podengo.
Owner: Marilyn Bratis & Darlene Devaney., Doylestown, PA 189015240. Breeder: Darlene Devaney.
99.0 118 TODMORDEN CATCH ME AT FOLKLORE CD RN NA OAJ. RN 09014601. 08-01-05
By Ch Folklore's Free Spirit CD RN OA OAJ - Todmorden Fire's LaserPoint. Norfolk Terriers.
Owner: Sheila Foran., Glastonbury, CT 06033. Breeder: Sheila Robbins.
JUDG 120 CARLETTA'S BRAT FACED KID. DN 14448906. 03-27-06
By Tiny Tyke Tyler - Carletta's Patty To Much. Shetland Sheepdogs.
Owner: Loretta & Kathy Welch., Gansevoort, NY 128312125. Breeder: Loretta & Kathy Welch.
(Chris Argento, Agent).
94.0 121 CH GOLDMEDAL VICTOR'S LEGEND RN. TR 46310801. 11-03-05
By Ch Goldmedal The Look Of Eagles CD OA AX - Ch Goldmedal Vixen Of Mt Fox CD NAP NJP RAE2. Miniature Pinschers.
Owner: Barbara Zagrodnick., Chelmsford, MA 01824. Breeder: Owner.
100.0/1 124 LIL BIT OF RAZ MATAZ. PR 10960303. 09-02-07
By Ch Harlow He's Got The Touch - Riverspirit Go Gina Go. Poodles (Miniature).
Owner: Andrea Friedman & Jerald Friedman., Newington, CT 061114730. Breeder: Handi Skorich & Tim Garrison & Deborah Schnulle.
100.0/3 125 CH ASPEN GLOW DE COTAH NA NAJ RE. DN 14575202. 05-16-06
By DC Theriot's Texas Renegade UDX - Ch Cotah's Asti Spumonte. Belgian Tervuren.
Owner: David M Gansz., Verona, NJ 07044. Breeder: Steph Jacks & Cotah Belgians.
91.0 127 AMOROSA'S IMPERIAL JADE RN. WS 17495407. 04-23-06
By Ch Rocky Harbor No Assembly Required - Ch Buddybear New Day Has Come Amorosa. Newfoundlands.
Owner: Ana Ayala & Peggy Vivinetto., New Durham, NH 038550458. Breeder: Ana Ayala.
90.0 129 CH TEDDY ROOSEVELT CD SH RE. SN 75447001. 11-05-99
By Epithelium Coriolano At Risky Business - Risky Business Quail Whiz. Spinoni Italiani.
Owner: Eleanore Biancanello., Gardiner, NY 125255502. Breeder: Jim DeLuca & Susan DeLuca.
95.0 131 CH SHORELAND CASTA SPELL ON EWE CD RN. DL 88544302. 07-09-01
By Ch Shoreland's Riot At Wildhaven - Ch Shoreland Madd About Ewe. Border Collies.
Owner: Jessica Scavetta., Windsor, CT 060951152. Breeder: Suzanne Mayborne.
96.0 134 HONOR VON MONTE-HAUS RE. DN 13876303. 04-04-06
By Visar Vom Germalhaus - Xyra Vom Klovensteener Forst CD RN. German Shepherd Dogs.
Owner: Tina M Binheimer., Tolland, CT 06084. Breeder: Tina M Binheimer.
98.0 139 NORTHERN LIGHT'S AMBER ICE CD RE. WP 86155102. 06-11-98
By Ch Ginger BW Sundrifter - Northern Light's Crista CDX. Siberian Huskies.
Owner: Sheila E & Charles H Blanker., Northfield, MA 013609507. Breeder: Sheila E & Charles H Blanker.
By Ch OTCH Sunrise N Shannon The Big Chill UDXTDREOAJHVCD1 - Ch Sunrise Elfin Magic NJP. Pointers (German Shorthaired).
Owner: Linda Mscisz & Joe Mscisz., Hinsdale, NH 03451. Breeder: Lorie Crain & Samantha Honaker & L Montgomery.
A 142 MIRK RE NA NAJ OAP OJP. DL 71291601. 10-19-96
By Chip - Faith. Border Collies.
Owner: Diana Williams., Ashley Falls, MA 01222. Breeder: Mary-Anne Falon.
96.0 145 NORTHERN LIGHT'S TREVA CD RN. WS 06743601. 11-29-03
By Nahani's Cheyenne Frost - Northern Light's Amber Ice CD RN. Siberian Huskies.
Owner: Charles H Blanker & Sheila E Blanker & Ryan Blanker., Northfield, MA 013609507. Breeder: Sheila E Blanker & Charles Blanker.
84.0 149 REDBUD PIECE OF CAKE RA. SR 06563803. 01-30-03
By Ch Bravo's Old Spice - Cloverdale Cherries Jubilee. Retrievers (Golden).
Owner: Amanda M Salas., Coventry, CT 062381313. Breeder: Amanda M Salas.
100.0/2 150 BRIDGE CITY'S LUV ME DEW CD RN. ILP159704. 06-01-06
Retrievers (Labrador).
Owner: Danette Smith., Bondsville, MA 01009. Breeder: .
92.0 153 CH DRAGO CASTELLANO OF TROLLBO JH RN CD. SR 35869708. 06-23-06
By Ch Rufus Di Morghengo MH - Rosy Di Val Potenza MH. Spinoni Italiani.
Owner: Christopher Sweetwood & Lauren M Friedman., Milford, CT 064612439. Breeder: Lena Amirian.
100.0/4 154 MAYDAY RE CDX. ILP153485. 02-13-01
Doberman Pinschers.
Owner: Christine Stewart., Salem, NH 030793360. Breeder: .



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