Rising Star Border Collies

Troy Kennel Club

JUDGE: Nanci Hayes


1st   GCH CH Rising Star's Rhinestones And Spurs CD BN RN   Border Collie  L Avery pts 199.0
2nd   GCH CH Jule Too's Not For The Faint Of Heart CD BN DS   Border Collie  S Romeyko pts 199.0
3rd   Ridgewood's T-Storm Fury CD PCD BN GN RE   Labrador Retriever  D Zirwas pts 196.0
4th   Fox Hill's Highleah BN RA   German Wirehaired Pointer  S Shafer pts 193.0
Qualify   Black Forest Enchanted Sorceress CD   Doberman Pinscher  M Crosby/A Albretsen/C Crosby pts 192.0
Qualify   Patchmt& Blackthorn Echo Of My Dream CD ACT1   Dalmatian  A Stephens pts 192.0
Qualify   Whitfield's Danger Zone BN RN TD CGCA TKN   English Cocker Spaniel  E McDermott/K WHITFIELD pts 186.0
Qualify   CH Sirius Femme Fatale JH OA OAJ   Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  K Cyr/J Cyr pts 184.0
Qualify   GCH CH PACH Standing-O For Pekogait One Man Band BN RN JHA MXP5 MXPS MJP5 MJPS PAX2 CAA BCAT RATN CGC   Vizsla  K Himmelfarb pts 184.0
Qualify   CH Turnabout Why Stop Now   Portuguese Water Dog  A Robitaille/L Wiley pts 171.0


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