Rising Star Border Collies

Space Coast Kennel Club of Palm Bay

JUDGE: Mrs. Carolyn Herbal
BORDER COLLIES. Puppy, 6 & Under 9 Months Dogs.
1 27 SHORELAND'S SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS. DN 29695001. 11-18-10 By Shoreland's Red Label Scotch - Gch Ch Shoreland's Flirt'N With Ewe. Owner: Leon Hustad., Wellington, FL 334147984. Breeder: Suzanne Mayborne. (Mary Dwyer, Agent).
BORDER COLLIES. Puppy, 9 & Under 12 Months Dogs.
A 7 SPORTING FIELD GOING THE DISTANCE. DN 29659901. 08-14-10 By GCH Borderfame Signature - Shoreland All That Jazz. Owner: Bradford Krell & Dionne Butt., Oviedo, FL 327653410. Breeder: Dionne Butt.
BORDER COLLIES. 12 & Under 15 Months Dogs.
1 31 SHORELAND'S A LONG WAY FROM HOME. DN 27923403. 04-07-10 By Ch Peachy Keen Midas Touch - Ch Shoreland's Razzle Dazzle Ewe. Owner: Gina Baker., Orlando, FL 328391644. Breeder: Suzanne Mayborne.
BORDER COLLIES. Amateur-Owner-Handler Dogs.
1 25 WISHLYNS HEART OF GOLD AT TOP NOTCH. DN 26423402. 11-09-09 By Ch Pairodocs Wishlyn Star Attraction - Ch Hot Shot Wishlyn I Could Fly. Owner: Angela Efinger., Palm Bay, FL 329081238. Breeder: Kim Peacock & Justin Peacock & Ashley Peacock.
BORDER COLLIES. Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
1 21 MANDOLYN'S LUTHIER. DN 19300801. 09-16-07 By Ch Shoreland The Castle Savoy - Ch Wagons Ho Bouncin Gili. Owner: Cindy Alison & Melissa Alison., Tallahassee, FL 323048631. Breeder: Cindy Alison & Melissa Alison.
1/W/OS (4 pts) 11 BAYSHORE COVERT OPERATIONS. DN 27340606. 12-11-09 By Ch Nahrof Never Say Never PT - Ch Avatars Spellbinder Bayshore. Owner: John Sadowsky., Port St Lucie, FL 349535519. Breeder: Caroline T Woods & Frank Baylis.
2/R 19 HOLTHER'S SHAKE DOWN THE THUNDER. DN 26700504. 12-14-09 By Ch Starfire's Tall Tails UD HXAs HXBs OA OAJ - Ch Holther's Garden Of Good And Evil PT MX MXJ. Owner: Holley Grooms & Mark Muir., Sylvania, GA 304679324. Breeder: Holley Grooms & Heather Brewer.
BORDER COLLIES. 15 & Under 18 Months Bitches.
1 8 BAYSHORE'S CADBURY BUNNY OF AVATAR. DN 27594201. 02-24-10 By Ch Bayshore's Cast A Spell At Avatar PT - Bojak Gypsy Dust. Owner: Caroline Woods & J Frank Baylis., Bealeton, VA 227126925. Breeder: Caroline T Woods & J Frank Baylis.
BORDER COLLIES. Amateur-Owner-Handler Bitches.
1/R 10 WAYSIDE GODDESS OF FREEDOM NA NF NAJ. DN 25491702. 07-08-09 By Ch MACH3 Pikkupaimenen Dream Catcher CD - Ch Wayside Spring Ahead OA NAJ. Owner: Angela Efinger., Palm Bay, FL 32908. Breeder: Joan Lawson & Jean Freeman.
BORDER COLLIES. Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
2 22 PUR-FUEGO'S ECLIPSE DE LUNA. DN 30759701. 12-21-10 By Ammardan's Silver Surfer @ Delfuego - Pur-Plesur's Curves And Chrome. Owner: Billy Rodriguez Jr & Tracy & Greg Bennett., Kissimmee, FL 347445157. Breeder: Billy Rodriguez Jr & Tracy & Greg Bennett.
1/W/BW (4 pts) 24 HOLTHER'S THE WAVING GIRL. DN 26700503. 12-14-09 By Ch Starfire's Tall Tails UD HXAs HXBs OA OAJ - Ch Holther's Garden Of Good And Evil PT MX MXJ. Owner: Cecilia Lamb & Holley Grooms., Sylvania, GA 304679324. Breeder: Holley Grooms & Heather Brewer.
3 28 PUR-PLESUR'S CURVES 'N CHROME. DN 25764501. 06-17-09 By Ch Hamilton Pur-Plesur's My Kodachrome - Ch Giftnell Got Yah Talking At Stavros. Owner: Tracy & Greg Bennett & Billy Rodriguez., Elko, GA 310259634. Breeder: Tracy Bennett & C Hamilton & J F Bylis & E Woods.
A 20 FUTURBE BUSH BABY. DN24240201. 12-05-08 By Trumagik Touch The Tartan - Clan-Abby NZ Carolyns Jade. Owner: Holley Grooms., Sylvania, GA 304679324. Breeder: Ralf Brack.
BORDER COLLIES. Best of Breed Competition.
SEL 16 CH STORMYS SHOWIOZ LADYS MAGIC. DN 17822402. 04-11-07 By GCH Showioz Makin Waves - Ch Wagons Ho My Fair Lady. Bitch. Owner: Jacqueline F Baudo & Rocco Baudo., Lady Lake, FL 321593915. Breeder: Rocco Baudo & Jacqueline Baudo.
A 23 GCH KENSINGTON'S ARTFUL DODGER. DN 20491601. 01-24-08 By Ch Nahrof Turn It Up - Ch Avatar Truthordare Bayshore. Dog. Owner: Lisa Waldo., New Market, AL 357619137. Breeder: Lisa Waldo & J Frank Baylis & Caroline Woods. (Lenny Brown, Agent).
B 26 JULE TOO'S SOUTHERN BELLE OF RISING STAR. DN 26622002. 12-24-09 By Jule Too's Legacy You're The Tops HTA3 - Ch Rising Star's Charmed One. Bitch. Owner: Lisa Schneider., Florence, AL 35630. Breeder: Lisa Schneider & Jessica Scevetta. (Ashley Watkins, Agent).
SEL 29 CH ROYAL'S CRUEL INTENTIONS. DN 27490003. 03-25-10 By Ch Auldridg Believe In Magic - Ch Borderfame Mystic Spirit. Dog. Owner: Ronna Stewart & Karen Marquardt., Mobile, AL 366932567. Breeder: Ronna Stewart & Amanda Gross




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