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Rising Star's Beams of a Neon Moon ONYX- "Tucson"

Tucson is a proud member of "Fur Fun" flyball team, out of North Carolina. He has obtained the following titles:

FD (Flyball Dog) 2/25/07, FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent) 3/24/ 07, FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion) 4/21/07, FDCH-S 6/23/07, FDCH-G 9/29/07, FM (Flyball Master) 1/6/08, FMX (Flyball Master Excellent) 11/23/08, FMCH (Flyball Master Champion) 6/09.

Tucson recently obtained his ONYX (20,000 points) in March 2010.

Tucson's fastest time so far has been 4.2 seconds!

For more pictures and a video of Tucson CLICK HERE.


Rising Star's Moll Flanders ONYX- "Molly"

Molly has obtained the following titles in a total of three flyball tournaments:

FD (Flyball Dog) 5/11/08, FDX (Flyball Dog Excellent) 6/27/08, FDCH (Flyball Dog Champion) 9/13/08, FDCH-S (Flyball Dog Champion-Silver) 10/5/08, her FDCH-G 5/9/09, her FM (Flyball Master) on 3/27/10, and her FMX (Flyball Master Excellent) in May 2011.

Molly's fastest time so far has been 4.42 seconds!




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